• CHROMATIC WINDS; July 18–30, 2024

    CHROMATIC WINDS; July 18–30, 2024

    Chromatic Winds: a solo exhibition inspired by wind, waves and the pursuit of movement.

    Paul Lederer’s artistic journey reflects a lifelong love of being on the water — sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and sculling — all of which demand a careful study of wind, waves, and movement. It requires a slowness, a special kind of attention and the ability to improvise and change course without hesitation when nature takes hold. Lederer gives his artistic process that same attention; he surrenders to an improvisational journey that invites colors and shapes to emerge, guided by a sense of movement and intuition. The artist shares, “Curved lines feel, to me, like they can be physically and emotionally thrown. Through the act of visualizing and throwing curved lines in my work, I can physically experience the qualities of the line as it parallels the qualities found in nature. My artistic practice has always been focused on wind, waves and the pursuit of movement.”

    In 2019, Lederer experienced a stroke that deeply affected his mobility and sense of ease on the water. Around this time, he retired from his fifty-year optometric practice, where he devoted much of his life to helping others with visual problems. It became necessary for him to apply this same devotion, care, and time to his personal perseverance and resilience. Despite the effects of the stroke, Lederer found a renewed focus on his art, diving into a process that became both spontaneous and exploratory. Devoting hours daily to artistic experimentation, he began to visualize and feel the act of throwing lines, colors, shapes, and patterns into his artwork. This visceral process mimics the experience of wind and waves, expressing an explosion of energy, freedom, and dynamism in his paintings. For Lederer, movement flourishes without compromise within the act of painting.

    Chromatic Winds reflects an environment where mobility is unrestricted—a space where one can fly through colors, movement and patterning with joy and levity. In many ways, the artist is still sailing and kayaking on the water through his art, inviting each viewer on a journey of unexpected experiences and discoveries.

    Paul Lederer is an artist based in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. He has been making art throughout his life experimenting with fiber-based work, black-and-white photography, charcoal and pencil drawing, watercolor, acrylic, and oil painting. Lederer’s experience as an optometrist specializing in visual function deeply influenced the progression of his artistic practice. His father, Emil, was a holocaust survivor and full-time artist from Vienna, Austria. His mother, Leopoldina, inspired him to see magic in life itself. His parents taught him to celebrate life and take full advantage of each moment.

    His wife of 54 years, Joanne, is his artistic collaborator. Despite being visually impaired and unable to physically see his work, Paul and Joanne engage in endless discussions about his art to collectively determine each title. This synergy further fuels the energy behind each painting.

    Lederer lives with Joanne and their dog Luxi in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and rejoice in their incredible surroundings that only enhance their enchanting life together.

  • CHAOS/ORDER; June 1–July 7, 2024

    CHAOS/ORDER; June 1–July 7, 2024
  • Looking UP - Looking DOWN

    Looking UP - Looking DOWN
  • Jimi Paszkiewicz: c1993/Hide n Seek; April 6, 2024

    Jimi Paszkiewicz: c1993/Hide n Seek; April 6, 2024

    One night only.
    Read more here.

  • Women of the Blues; March 21–24, 2024

    Women of the Blues; March 21–24, 2024

    Please visit womenoftheblues.com for further information on events and performances happening during this exhibition.

  • 4x4: FOUR MAKERS; March 1–3, 2024

    4x4: FOUR MAKERS; March 1–3, 2024
  • Small Works Show

    Small Works Show


    Judy Solomon, core member of Space 900, presents affordable and fun ceramic art along with small 2-D work of various friends. Three days only: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, December 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Open noon to 5 pm each day.

  • Night Sky Meditations

    Night Sky Meditations

    opening Saturday, November 18, 2-5 pm: Night Sky Meditations
    Artist Bob Magrisso is showing artwork made of wood, mixed media and paper

  • Messages: A Four Core Members'Show

    Messages: A Four Core Members'Show

    Core members Todd Anderson, Colleen Conley, Clark Ellithorpe and Judy Solomon are exhibiting photography, collage and mixed media in this two week autumn show. The opening is on Saturday, November 4 from 1-6 pm.

  • Our October Show :Enigmatic Visions

    Our October Show :Enigmatic Visions

    Open for First Saturdays Evanston on October 7, from 12 to 4 pm. Also open the remaining 4 Saturdays in October from 12 - 4 pm.

  • Studio 215 Student Show at Space 900 opens on Saturday, September 2nd

    Studio 215 Student Show at Space 900 opens on Saturday, September 2nd

    Studio 215 Student Show
    Studio 215 is a creative space at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center, located at 927 Noyes Street in Evanston, IL. In her studio, Sarah Kaiser-Amaral offers adult art instruction at Studio 215. Eight of her talented students have created the work in this exhibition at Space 900. The work will be on display for the first two weeks of September, 2023. The opening reception will be on Saturday, Sept. 2nd from 1 to 4 PM. Artists include: Mimi Kravitz, Robin Langer, Steven Sims, Brian Roy, Aparna Krishen, Sheila Cahnman, Brian Rucker and Ed Brenner.

  • Stephen Guenther:REMNANTS

    Stephen Guenther:REMNANTS

    The Opening for this one week show is Friday, August 4 from 5-8 pm.

  • Special Closing Event Added

    Special Closing Event Added

    Please come to our closing event for Ken's Show between 1-5 pm on Saturday, July 29th.



    Honoring our core member and longtime Evanston resident Kenneth Avick at this difficult time. Please come out to see the show during the month of July.

  • Verdant Visions

    Verdant Visions

    Our annual group show includes all nine members. Check it out !
    Opening on Saturday, June 3, 1 to 6 pm

  • Joanna Pinsky CURVED SURFACES

    Joanna Pinsky   CURVED SURFACES
  • A World Without Time

    A World Without Time
  • First weekend in March: 4x4 Gorgeous Pop Up

    First weekend in March: 4x4 Gorgeous Pop Up

    Darlys Ewoldt and friends have organized their third annual pop-up at Space 900. Their work is gorgeous! Do come and visit: March 3-5
    Open for First Saturdays Evanston from 10 am to 8:30 pm !!!

  • Beth Shadur- new works

    Beth Shadur- new works

    image:Riotous (Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP), watercolor

    Month long exhibit of Beth Shadur's new work. The opening reception is Friday, February 3 from 5-8 pm
    Open for First Saturdays Evanston from noon to 4 pm.
    Closing reception is Saturday, February 25th from 5-8 pm.
    Additional hours are:
    Feb 4,5, Feb 10,11,12 Feb 17,18,19 Feb 24,25 12-4 pm

  • Last 2 days for Small Works show

    Last 2 days for Small Works show

    Last 2 days for our January Small Works show. All 9 core members are represented with a variety of intriguing pieces. Friday and Saturday, January 27 and 28, 2023

  • January 2023: Our Small Works Show now up

    January 2023: Our Small Works Show now up

    Many gems included in this jewel of a show. Artwork from all 9 of our Core members.Come see the work in person, on Instagram and Facebook. Check the above poster for open hours.

  • Modern Monument : Kara Cobb Johnson: A Pop Up Installation

    Modern Monument : Kara Cobb Johnson: A Pop Up Installation

    Kara Cobb Johnson will open her show on Saturday evening, November 26, at 7 Pm. She will be open all day Sunday November 27. Come see the work of this creative young artist.

  • This weekend: A Two Day All Ceramics POP UP

    This weekend: A Two Day All Ceramics POP UP

    Judy Solomon Ceramics Plus Various Studio Mates Ofer a LArge Selection of Unique Ceramics - November 25 and 26 only

  • The GLOW Show continues, plus an all ceramics pop up coming after Thanksgiving

    The GLOW Show continues, plus an all ceramics pop up coming after Thanksgiving

    The Glow Show continues until Sunday, November 20. Judy will have a post Thanksgiving all ceramics pop up with a handful of studio mates for 2 days only: Friday noon to 6 pm (Black Friday) and Saturday 11 am to 4 pm only.

  • Three Perspectives opening on Saturday, October 1

    Three Perspectives opening on Saturday, October 1

    Three long time core members of Space 900 will have a month long show starting this Saturday. Check it out! Open hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

    Ken Avick
    Colleen Conley
    Clark Ellithorpe

  • Jules Kunhardt - 3 day Pop Up : Chickens!Hours are Friday 5-9 pm; Saturday 11-9 pm; Sunday 1-6pm

    Jules Kunhardt - 3 day Pop Up : Chickens!Hours are Friday 5-9 pm; Saturday 11-9 pm; Sunday 1-6pm

    Jules Kunhardt will display her oil stick drawings at our gallery. Hours are Friday 5-9 pm; Saturday 11-9 pm; Sunday 1-6 pm Should be very lively!
    Here is her statement:
    "My love for chickens started back in Cologne, Germany, when we wanted to demonstrate our children the fascination about life in an egg. We raised them (we ate them, and we buried those which got killed by the fox)

    Chickens and roosters, but also goats are such fun animals! I aim to preserve the unique character of each creature by using different media. Sometimes I use colored pencil; sometimes I paint with a brush, sometimes I draw with a super thick woody pencil.

    However, for chickens, my preferred medium is oilstick on cardboard. Maybe this is because drawing with an oilstick comes closest to a quick, dynamic sketch and it can still be turned into a painting.
    I can chose to leave the line a line, but I can also use a palette knife or spatula to pull the oil pigments over the board and stretch the line into a colorful texture.”

  • We are open for First Saturdays Evanston : Saturday September 3

    We are open for First Saturdays Evanston : Saturday September 3

    Core members Show is up until mid-September by appointment only, but...
    We will be open noon to 5 pm on Saturday, September 3 to co-ordinate with Evanston Made's new pop up adventure a few doors west of us..

  • early August renters: Bernasconi/deCAstro

    early August renters: Bernasconi/deCAstro

    Gorgeous jewelry, exciting abstract canvases and constructions
    Friday, August 5 5-8 pm
    FIRST SATURDAYS EVANSTON August 6 11 am TO 8 pm
    Sunday 12 noon to 4 pm

  • Guests Artists during July: Mark Cleveland, Sarah Kaiser-Amaral and Joe Taylor

    Guests Artists during July: Mark Cleveland, Sarah Kaiser-Amaral and Joe Taylor


    Three contemporary landscape painters (Mark Cleveland, Joseph Taylor, and Sarah Kaiser-Amaral) take us on a journey out of the everyday and into the creative mind of an artist. Viewed together, their work captures common subjects others might gloss over: the fleeting play of light as it breaks over an edge, subtle colors in reflections, and pedestrians rushing by.
    While each artist takes on the rough, gritty textures of underpasses, back alleys, and iconic weathered signage, they are distinguished by their unique approach. Joe has a direct and painterly style, while Mark’s more traditional underpainting and glazing techniques are reminiscent of stained glass. Sarah’s focus is on street art and hard-edged geometric forms.
    In their combined exhibition this July at Space 900 in Evanston, these artists invite the viewer to slow down, pause and reflect — to take a second glance and embrace everyday scenes in urban and natural landscape.


  • Guest Artist Cameron Zebrun: My Wanderlust

    Guest Artist Cameron Zebrun: My Wanderlust

    Minnesota artist with ties to Chicago hosts a week at our gallery.

    My Wonderlust is an exhibition of sculpture and collage that represents my interest in creating objects of fine craftsmanship and my ever-evolving preoccupation with presenting landscape subject matter in surprising and non-traditional ways.
    Open Hours:
    May 5- Noon to 6PM
    May 6 - 4 PM to 9 PM
    May 7 - Noon to 9 PM, opening reception 5 PM to 9 PM
    May 8 - Noon to 6 PM
    May 9 - Noon to 6 PM

  • Occupied/Vacant: Recent photographs by Todd Anderson.

    Occupied/Vacant: Recent photographs by Todd Anderson.

    Occupied/Vacant focuses on places which may be empty but show the evidence of human activity, and places that bring people together for a brief time. Viewed from above, an empty rooftop, devoid of any intention to be a recreation area, displays two chairs and a table randomly abandoned. An empty hallway that seems endless, lonely roads and the remains of former movie theatres suggest the convergence of loss and beauty. Beaches, vehicles, and airplanes may be momentarily occupied but are vacant most of the time.
    In all of the photos, Anderson shows a great sensitivity to detail and composition.

    A highlight of the exhibit is an installation of 200 photos of vacant urinals from a multitude of different places including, gas stations, restaurants, museums and recreations centers. Anderson is interested in how what is familiar at one point in time becomes a curiosity at another. The variety of urinals is visually interesting and very familiar to men who take them for granted. To women, the images are strange and curious. They emphasize a cultural difference and remind us, in the most basic way, how easy it is to be unaware of the diverse cultures.

  • Group Show Small Wonders opens January 7, 2022

    Group Show Small Wonders opens January 7, 2022

    We are open in January on Fridays and Saturdays from 1 to 5 pm. Hope to see you there !

  • Views inside the Cereamics Boutique at Space 900

    Views inside the Cereamics Boutique at Space 900

    Judy Solomon, a core member of Space 900, invited 5 studio mates to show their work in our gallery setting. Come enjoy our show ! November 18-28

  • a new dynamic duo renting our space: Linda Bernasconi and David deCastro

    a new dynamic duo renting our space: Linda Bernasconi and David deCastro

    Linda's stunning work is wearable art in woven and textured precious metal

    David writes about his mixed media pieces: "My work has always explored themes of order and chaos, and frequently begins with the randomness of a found object. Once found, I indulge the impulse to create an ordered composition by manipulating and abstracting the object."

  • Dustin Harris Solo Show September 3-13, 2021

    Dustin Harris Solo Show September 3-13, 2021

    September 3-13, 2021

    Opening weekend:
    Friday September 3, 5-9 pm
    Saturday September 4, 12-5 pm (First Saturdays Evanston)
    Sunday September 5, 12-5 pm

    Closing weekend:
    Saturday September 11, 12-5 pm
    Sunday September 12, 12-5 pm

    The gallery will also open by appointment from Monday September Sept 6 to Friday September 10.
    To make an appointment, please text or call 312-405-0323.


  • Blase Masini Solo Show June 24-27, 2021

    Blase Masini Solo Show June 24-27, 2021

    Blase Masini uses cold wax medium, sand, and oils to create rich organic surfaces in his paintings. He then imposes order with stencils and collage. This painting process holds a constant tension between chaos and order.

    See his work at our gallery Thursday, June 24 from 4-7 pm; Friday, June 25 4-7 pm; Saturday, June 26 12 - 8 pm; Sunday, June 27, 2-5 pm

  • Voices in Clay

    Voices in Clay

    Four women artists fill Space 900 Gallery with their unique ceramics. Please check out the poster for the open times.
    We are open on FIrst Saturdays Evanston, May 1, from 12-6 pm

  • Small Works, Big Ideas - now through January

    Small Works, Big Ideas - now through January

    Small Works, Big Ideas held over from December.

  • Small Works, Big Ideas - through January 2021

    Small Works, Big Ideas - through January 2021


    Online show at this link

  • Judy Solomon Journey in Ceramics - November 2020

    Judy Solomon Journey in Ceramics - November 2020
  • Climate Change: Tipping into Chaos - October 2020

    Climate Change: Tipping into Chaos - October 2020

    Online show at this link.

  • High Anxiety - August-September 2020

    High Anxiety - August-September 2020
  • Nurturing Creativity - March 14-28, 2020

    Nurturing Creativity - March 14-28, 2020
  • Three Faces of Sculpture - March 6-8, 2020

    Three Faces of Sculpture - March 6-8, 2020
  • Craig Jobson - February 7-9, 2020

    Craig Jobson - February 7-9, 2020
  • Bert Menco and Mariko Ventura - Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2020

    Bert Menco and Mariko Ventura - Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2020
  • Conjurings - January 2020

    Conjurings - January 2020
  • Jane Weintraub Jewelry Dec 7-8, 2019

    Jane Weintraub Jewelry Dec 7-8, 2019
  • Two Holiday Shows In December

    Two Holiday Shows In December
  • Two Holiday Shows in December

    Two Holiday Shows in December

    Clark Ellithorpe and Jane Weintraub
    Saturday, December 7th, 9:30 - 5:30
    Sunday, December 8th, 10 - 5

    Judy Solomon and Ceramic Friends
    Friday, December 13th, 12 - 8
    Saturday, December 14th, 10 - 5
    Sunday, December 15th, 10 - 3

  • LAYERS OF TIME Paintings by Joanna Pinsky and Photos by Todd Anderson

    LAYERS OF TIME Paintings by Joanna Pinsky and Photos by Todd Anderson

    Opening Reception
    Saturday October 19, 5:00 pm- 9:00 pm

    First Saturday Evanston Gallery Walk
    November 2, 1:00 -8:00 PM

    Artists' Talk
    Sunday, November 10, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

    A light brunch will be served

    SPACE 900 Gallery: 816 Dempster St., Evanston, IL

    Hours: Thursday-Saturday 12:00- 5:00 pm
    or by appointment

  • Organic/Inorganic - October 3-13, 2019

    Organic/Inorganic - October 3-13, 2019

    Organic / Inorganic Artwork by Pamela Feldman and Judy Solomon
    Opening: Saturday, October 5, 4-7 pm
    Closing: Sunday October 13, 12-3, with artists' walk-through at 1 pm
    Hours: Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays 12-5 pm

    Feldman's practice is based on creating color from organic materials. In this exhibition, the focus is the color green. She creates multiple shades of green using yellow plant dyes combined with indigo, or by using green leaves that yield colors ranging from earth tones to robin’s egg blue. Reading, research, and experimentation in the dye laboratory all play a part in creating colors from nature.

    Solomon's ceramic work explores visual texture as a translatable means of expression. For this exhibition, she studies coral fossils, the exoskeletons of living organisms that have completed their life cycles and left their intricate inorganic structures behind. She also creates clay vessels that mimic tree bark and their slow degeneration in nature.

  • Exquisite Realms - September 7-28, 2019

    Exquisite Realms - September 7-28, 2019

    Exquisite Realms - works by Ken Avick and Colleen L. Conley

    Gallery hours Fridays and Saturdays 12-4 pm

  • Emulsion - August 28, 2019

    Emulsion - August 28, 2019
  • Patricia Owsiany - August 16-23, 2019

    Patricia Owsiany - August 16-23, 2019

    August 16-23
    Patricia Owsiany
    Now & Then - Sumo Musings

    Opening reception Friday August 16 5-8 pm
    Thursdays - Saturdays 12-5 pm
    or by appointment

  • (Yadi) Nadine Royster - August 1-3, 2019

    (Yadi) Nadine Royster - August 1-3, 2019
  • Summer Works- Nearly Four Decades Later

    Summer Works- Nearly Four Decades Later

    In the summer of 1982, NIU Fine Art students of Professor/Sculptor, Bruce White, came together and put on an exhibition called “Summer Works.” We are excited to announce, that several of us have reunited to share our accomplishments and put on a new exhibition called, "Summer Works- Nearly Four Decades Later.”

    Participating Artists: Andrew Arvanetes, Jill King, Paula Martinez, Emil Schlee, Bobby Joe Scribner, Tom Stancliffe, Scott Wallace, Marjorie Woodruff and our Professor Bruce White

    Opening: Saturday, July 6th, 5: to 8:30pm

    Gallery Hours: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 12pm to 5pm, July 11th through July 30th.

    For Appointments: (224) 392-4172- Jill King

  • Early Spring Members Pop Up Show

    Early Spring Members Pop Up Show

    works by all eight Core Members

    Open for First Saturdays Evanston
    Saturday April 6, 2019
    12 noon until 7 pm

    other hours by appointment
    show open until April 25

  • Confluence May 2-29 Judith Roston Freilich & Casey Sills

    Confluence May 2-29 Judith Roston Freilich & Casey Sills
  • Synergia


    Synergia: meaning- “Working Together".

    Jill King: “I have taught adult, art enrichment classes in Evanston from 1997 to the present. This exhibition, showcases artwork from a select group of students, past and present. Our show, celebrates the passion and motivation it requires to manifest one’s visions through the act of artmaking. Synergia, highlights a wide range of
    subjects, mediums and approaches that my students and I have explored, both collectively and individually throughout the years”. *King currently teaches, Drawing,
    Painting and Mixed Media Sculpture classes at the Evanston Art Center.

    The show runs from:
    March 2nd through March 30th, 2019
    Open Hours : Thurs. thru Sat. 12-5pm

    Join us for the Opening Reception:
    Saturday, March 2, from 5 to 8:30pm, at
    Space 900, 816 Dempster St, Evanston IL

  • "Real or Imagined"- Artwork of Joanna Pinsky and Jill King

    "Real or Imagined"- Artwork of Joanna Pinsky and Jill King

    Opening Reception: November 3, 2018 5-9pm
    Artists' Talk/Refreshments: November, 18, 12:00pm
    Show Closes: November, 29

    Exploring themes of perception and history, Pinsky creates 2D shaped paintings portraying architectural fragments and national heroes. Her works are arranged in installations to interact with each other, producing spatial illusions and challenging memories. King’s mixed media sculptures allude to fantastical botanical drawings, flying kites, celestial cloud formations and enigmatical figures. Her works question, what is ethereal and what is tangible.

  • Remnants 3 Person Show October 6-27 2018

    Remnants 3 Person Show October 6-27 2018

    Works by Todd Anderson, Ken Avick, Colleen Conley
    October 6-27, 2018
    Opening Reception October 6, 6-8 pm
    Open Hours during the Show:
    Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays 12-5

  • Todd Anderson Assembled Works July 6-28, 2018

    Todd Anderson Assembled Works July 6-28, 2018

    Todd Anderson

    Assembled Works

    July 6-28, 2018
    Opening reception July 13th 5:00-9:00 pm
    Gallery hours Thursday - Saturday 12:00-5:00
    Or by appointment

    Todd Anderson will be exhibiting three series of photos: County Fairs, Nature
    and Shifting Spaces. Most of the photographs portray private moments, apart from other people, even in populated environments such as the county fairs. The artist works in film as well as digital photography seeking to examine relations of light and motion.

  • Space 900 Group exhibition

    Current works by: Core member artists
    Todd Anderson
    Ken Avick
    Colleen Conley
    Clark Ellithorpe
    Judith Roston Freilich
    Jill King
    Joanna Pinsky
    Judy Solomon

  • April 22 - May 19 2018: Ellithorpe / Solomon

    April 22 - May 19 2018: Ellithorpe / Solomon

    The first two-person show in our new Space 900 gallery features Clark Ellithorpe - Constructed Paintings, and Judy Solomon - Ceramics in Conversation.

    Opening Reception: Sunday, April 22, 2-5 p.m.
    Open hours during show weeks:
    Thursdays 12 - 6:30 pm
    Fridays 12 - 5 pm
    Saturdays 12 - 5 pm
    other times by appointment
    Closing Reception: Thursday, May 17 5 - 8 pm

  • April 12 - April 17, 2018 Poet to Poet: Living in Letters

    April 12 - April 17, 2018   Poet to Poet: Living in Letters

    An exhibit of handwritten letters and poems hanging from the ceiling and walls of the gallery, with a letter-writing interactive station for the public This immersive exhibit showcases 13 years of correspondence between two poets, Alan Shefsky and Abe Louise Young.

    Special Art Encounter YOUTIME event:
    April 12, 7:30- 9 PM,
    Go to www.artencounter.org for tickets

    Opening Reception: April 13, 6pm
    Open Hours: April 13-17, 12 to 6pm
    Poetry Reading: April 14, 3pm
    Show closes at 6 pm on April 17

    Abe Louise Young
    512 653-6539

    Writing letters is a precious form. In Space 900's upcoming exhibition, Poet to Poet: Living in Letters, two poets explore this lost art. Co-sponsored by Northwestern Universities' Dept. of Performance Studies, this exhibit offers 100+ handwritten letters and poems hanging from the ceiling and walls of the gallery. They are touchable and readable, with a letter-writing interactive station for the public.

    Provided with art supplies, envelopes and a clothesline of over 100 letter-writing prompts, visitors are also invited to compose a letter of their own. With an open invitation to touch, read, and interact with letters, viewers bear witness to language at its best.

    Sponsored by Northwestern University's Department of Performance Studies, the exhibit will run from April 13 through April 17 at Space 900, a community-based art collective and exhibition space.

    Artist Bios:
    Abe Louise Young:
    Abe is a believer in the power of words, generosity and vulnerability to make meaningful change. She was nominated as Best Activist in Austin 2017 by the Austin Chronicle for her work mobilizing hundreds of people to prevent homelessness by building personal resource-sharing networks with families in poverty. Young is the co-director of Prizer Arts & Letters, a free center for socially engaged arts and literature. As a writer, she publishes essays and poetry in magazines such as The Nation, Sierra, New Letters and Texas Monthly. She is the author of Heaven to Me: Poems (Headmistress Press) and Ammonite (Magnolia Press Collective.) Her long poem about Alan Shefsky's friendship, "Poem to a Friend Growing Lighter and Lighter," won the 2017 Marika and Jan Vilcek Prize in Poetry from the Bellevue Review.

    Alan Shefsky
    Alan was born in Chicago in 1959, and died of a glioblastoma brain tumor in 2014. Shefsky works was published in many literary journals and performed at a number of venues in Chicago. He is the author of Amelia Absent, Amelia Present (Clay Springs Press, 1995) and What Emily, "a playful, inquiring romp into the inner life and poetical line of Emily Dickinson" (Magnolia Press Collective, 2011). His last collection of poems, Glee (Magnolia Press, 2012), was written before, during, and after Shefsky's diagnosis with a glioblastoma brain tumor.
    Pieces from this book were performed as "Glee and Other Works" by friends of Shefsky's from Northwestern in March 2014; video of the performance can be viewed at
    He was a poet and university administrator who worked for more than 25 years coordinating the Department of Performance Studies at Northwestern University. Shefsky was a guest artist at the Illinois Summer High School for the Arts and the
    recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Award for poetry.

  • Space 900 Preview Opening

    Space 900 Preview Opening

    Join the Space 900 Artists in their new Gallery at 816 Dempster in Evanston

    March 22, 2018
    5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

  • December 2017

    December 2017

    December 2017

    Holiday Show and Sale
    Saturday, December 2nd, 10 am - 6 pm
    Sunday, December 3rd, 11am - 5 pm

    Recent works by
    Clark Ellithorpe and Jane Weintraub

  • October, 2017 Art, Autism, Becky and Me

    October, 2017   Art, Autism, Becky and Me

    Art, Autism, Becky and Me

    My daughter, Becky, has autism and developmental delays. She has also always loved to create art. My paintings portray surreal landscapes as visual metaphors for the feelings of someone with autism. I place images of Becky within these worlds. In this show, Becky and I share the gallery space and our joint need to express ourselves through our art.

    October 9 - November 4, 2017
    Space 900 Gallery
    1042 Wesley Avenue
    Evanston, IL 60202

    Opening Receptions:
    Saturday, Oct. 14 5-8 pm
    Sunday, Oct. 15 2-5 pm

    Closing Party:
    Saturday, Nov. 4 5-8 pm



    UNPRESIDENTED: Art in Common Cause
    With over 25 participating artists from the Chicagoland area, showing a
    broad range of aesthetic styles, and supporting local, national, and
    international causes, Unpresidented gives artists agency to mobilize their
    community. The majority of the sales of each donated piece will be given
    to each artists’ chosen charity or organization.

    Gallery hours: March 17th, 6-9pm, March 18th -19th, 12-5pm
    Opening reception: March 17th, 6-9pm
    Curator talk: March 19th, 2-3pm

    Featuring works by this generous group of artists: Ken Avick, Jane
    Barthès, Jeff Bauer, Maureen Claffy, Colleen Conley, Rory Coyne, James
    Deeb, Clark Ellithorpe, Sam Farchione, Judith Roston Freilich, Lisa
    Goesling, Ellen Greene, Susan Hall, Deanna Krueger, Gunjan Kumar,
    ATYL/Alexandra Lee, Lauren Levato Coyne, Bert Leveille, Chandrika Marla,
    Bert Menco, Karen Perl, Joyce Polance, Nancy Rosen, Allison Svoboda, Diane Thodos, Tamara Wasserman, and Fotios Zemenides.



    FEBRUARY 5-6
    Artist Karen Perl/ Aron Packer Projects
    "PLACE": new urban landscape paintings
    Artist’s Reception: Saturday, February 4th from 6 - 9 pm.
    Artists’ Talk: Sunday, February 5th at 1 pm.

    Show Dates: February 4 - 5, 2017
    Hours: Saturday, Feb 4 and Sunday, Feb 5 from 12 to 5 pm

    The experience of place becomes enmeshed with memories and imagination until the location where you find yourself standing can no longer be defined by its physical attributes. A place saturated with the familiarity of personal memories can be comforting and reassuring. Or it can be as strange and disquieting as contemplating how it must be for a guide dog who no longer has anyone to guide.

    Karen Perl began her studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago while still in grade school. After several years in various colleges studying everything from physics to psychology, she finally returned to the Art Institute, where she earned a degree in drawing and painting. An exchange program took her to Dublin, Ireland, for a year. There, inspired by a foggy, dreamy landscape and under a spell of homesickness, she began to paint from her dreams and imagination. Years later, warm golden sunlight brought her outdoors with her easel for a two year period in the south of France. But her relationship to the mystical, emotional dimension of painting that she took refuge in while in Ireland would come to life again. After nearly 10 years of painting in the streets of Chicago, she brought her easel back inside. Cityscapes began to morph into dreamscapes, no longer merely descriptive of a physical location, but something deeper and mysterious.



    Aron Packer Projects Presents Kristin Mariani:
    Material Becomes the Thing: Works in Cloth
    November 11-13, 2016

    Artist’s Reception: Friday, November 11, 6-9pm
    Artist’s Talk: Sunday, November 13, 3pm
    Gallery Hours: Saturday-Sunday, November 12-13, 12-5pm
    Click here for more info



    Pamela Macsai Baugartner and Sylvia Shuster

    Pamela Macsai Baumgartner: Solo Show
    Thursday Sept 8 from 1-6 pm
    Opening Friday Sept 9 from 5-9 pm
    Saturday Sept 10 from 1-6 pm
    Sunday Sept 11 from 1-6 pm

    Sylvia Shuster: Solo show
    Opening Friday, Sept. 23rd, 6-9 pm
    Saturday & Sunday, 12-5 pm
    Sept. 30th through Oct. 2nd, 12-5 pm
    With a career spanning six decades, Sylvia Schuster is an established artist who is recognized as a master printmaker. Her demonstration of the print technologies; dry point, etching, aquatint, soft ground and engraving, combined with her deep understanding of the human form, take these skills to the extreme. Ms. Schuster’s pen and ink, charcoal, and pastel figure studies show reference to classical Greek and Roman tradition.
    This show is presented by Harvey Pranian Antiques, harvey@harveyantiques.com .



    Aron Packer presents THE UN-SELFIE
    paintings by Lisa Zschunke
    Artist’s Reception: Friday, July 8, 2016 / 6 - 9 PM

    Lisa's paintings are beautifully executed and intense. They always capture the likeness and psychology of the model, and she imbues each work with an intensity all her own.

    Gallery Hours:
    Saturday July 9 / Sunday July 10 / Noon to 5 PM


    “Light and Dark” : a group show by the Space 900 Collective
    in celebration of Evanston Made
    Artwork by: Ken Avick, Colleen Conley, Clark Ellithorpe, Judith Roston Freilich, and Joanna Pinsky

    Art walk on Saturday, June 4, 11:00am - 1:00 pm
    Reception on Sunday, June12, 2:00-5:00pm

    Jazz workshop on Thursday, June 16, with guitarist Scott Moulder at 6:00 pm
    Followed by a concert duo with Donovan Mixon and bassist Larry Gray at 7:30pm


    Space 900 is pleased to host Aron Packer Projects' April Fool's Embroidery Weekend

    Featuring: Deborah Baker, Ellen Greene, and Kathy Halper

    Artists' Reception: Friday, April 1st, 6 - 9 PM (April Fool’s Night!)
    Show Dates and Hours: April 1, 2, & 3
    Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Noon to 5 PM

    Deborah Baker
    Alphabet / Rebus (embroidery)
    Kathy Halper
    Fifty Six (embroidery)
    Ellen Greene
    Collars (embroidery / painting)


    Harvey Pranian Antiques and Folk Art Show and Sale
    Saturday October 3, 2015
    10 am -4 pm


    Judith Roston Freilich:
    Silver Threads and Golden Needles
    Textiles and Drawings

    January 31- February 28, 2015

    Opening Reception
    Saturday, January 31, 2015, 5 to 10pm
    Sunday, February 1, 2015, 1 to 5pm

    Gallery Hours
    Thursday, February 5, 1 to 5pm
    Thursday, February 12, 1 to 5pm
    Sunday, February 15, 1 to 5pm

    Or by appointment 847-835-2393


    THEN AND NOW: mini-retrospective work by the core collective, plus new gorgeous mobiles from Evanston's best jeweler Peggie Robinson!

    Saturday Sept. 27 from 5-9 pm
    Sunday Sept. 28 from 2-5 pm
    Saturday October 11, 1-5 pm


    Saturday June 7, 5-8 pm
    "The Green Show" opening
    As part of Open Studios Evanston
    Work by the core collective meditating on the color GREEN

    Wednesday June 11, 7:30 pm
    First Salon Jazz Show
    Compositions by Donovan Mixon and Mark Moultrop
    The music is best described by a paragraph from their website montageworldjazz.com: “Through travel and experiences across the globe, influences from the music of Turkey, India, Ireland, Africa, Brazil and other cultures inspire our creativity. With group and individual improvisation as a starting point, Montage melds musical styles and practices without boundaries.”


    After the long long, long (did I mention long?) winter, we are thrilled that buds are finally back on the trees and that we can finally be out and about again. Here are the exciting events coming to Space 900 in the next month. Please join us for any or all of these events!

    Evanston’s long-time favorite jeweler Peggie Robinson will be presenting new work with local jewelers Rhonda Storm and Debbie Giese. One weekend only! Don’t miss it.
    Friday April 25, 3- 8 pm, Saturday April 26, 10 am- 4 pm, Sunday April 27, 1-4 pm


    He’s back! Open to musicians and music lovers alike, this monthly jam run by Donovan Mixon never disappoints. For May, the tunes will be Daahoud, Long Ago Far Away, Moose the Mooche, Beatrice, Coral [K. Jarrett], Inner Urge.
    Thursday May 1, 7:30- 10 pm.


    New breathtaking work by two core members from Space 900.
    Saturday May 3, 5- 9 pm, Sunday May 4, 1-5 pm


    King George (1402 ½ Greenleaf, around the corner from Space 900) will feature new art work by Jill King (Artists Seeds) and Alice George (Serious Play). A poetry open mike will feature members of Alice's Serious Play poetry group. The new Sketchbook Brewing Company will be pouring samples from approximately 5-6:30! Poetry reading at 7 pm. Space 900 will also be open with Clark and Ken’s show from 5- 7 pm.
    Friday May 9, 5-8 pm.


    On Exhibition December 13, 2013 - January 13, 2014 is A.K.A: The Five Alter Egos of Dustin Harris:
    This solo art exhibition features mostly new and some older artwork in various forms and styles: found object wall sculptures, paintings, portraits, large sculptures, maquettes, and mixed media collages. This show puts all of Harris’ artwork up to date in one room,
    with a unifying theme of his ongoing preoccupation with
    form, movement, color, and action.
    Says the artist, “This large expanse of work pays tribute to the five alter egos I’ve surrendered to in my ongoing process over the last 20 years. Is it masterfully complex, or A.D.D.? Graffiti/street artist wanna-be, or Art School rebel? Come see the work and decide for yourself.”
    Openings: Friday Dec 13, 6-10 pm and Saturday Dec 14, 5-9 pm

  • NEXT JPS JAM: THURS NOV 14 at 7:30- 10 pm

    Join us this Thursday! If you weren’t at JPS for the last jam session on October 24th, you missed a historic event. The man himself, guitarist George Freeman, brother of the late Von Freeman showed up. When asked what he wanted to play, George simply ripped into the sly intro riff for ‘Red Top’, to which the rhythm section responded with an equal level of swing. Man, did he bring it! Along with drummer Joe Jenkins, bassist Herman Martin as well as tenor saxophonists Walter Clark, Bernard Scavella, Reggie Hardan and Mike Finnerty, it was a inspiring performance. First timer ‘Balkan’ percussionist Terran Doeherer showed up to seamlessly join in with drummer Michael Riendeau, pianist/vocalist Mick Archer and bassist Andrew Wilkins. It was a special treat to have Maja Rios there, even if you sang only one tune. There were others as well, however in the interest of time, I thought it better to get this out now instead of waiting for my memory to kick in! I will have a short video up soon.
    The JPS Jam has morphed into a workshop format. We are still on for the tunes from last session since we didn’t get around to all of them. Bernard Scavella wanted to play Along Came Betty and there were some other great calls during the night. So the standing list is still: Lover, Bluesette, Old Devil Moon, Moose the Mooche, Long Ago & Far Away, Whisper Not & Freight Trane.


    On exhibition in November:
    CLARK ELLITHORPE AND LOIS RICHMOND, “A Meditation on Contrast”
    November 9 – December 1, 2013. Opening receptions are:
    Saturday, November 9 from 5:00 - 9:00 pm and Sunday, November 10 from 2:00 - 4:00 pm (with jazz guitar by Donovan Mixon)


    Solo show by Joanna Pinsky
    "Architectural Fragments and Other Heroes"
    October-12 - November 5, 2013
    Opening Reception: Saturday, October 12 -5:00-8:00PM
    Artist Talk: Sunday, October 20, 2:00 PM
    Concert: Sunday November 3, 3:00 PM featuring jazz guitarist Donovan Mixon
    Gallery Hours for this show will be:
    Saturdays: 2:00 - 5:30 PM

  • FALL ART HOP- Sept 27, 2013

    On the evening Friday September 27th, the West Village neighborhood of Evanston transformed into a vibrant cultural destination as a dozen local art groups, businesses, and individual artists joined together to give Evanston what it wants and deserves: a home-grown high-quality arts and culture scene. From 6- 10 pm, Space 900 helped to organize the area’s second Art Hop This DIY event featured open studios and gallery exhibitions; a wide variety of professional demonstrations in printing, weaving, sculpture, movement; a spoken work & acoustic music, open mic; and a jazz guitar performance. This fall “Art Hop” also featured tastings by Evanston’s brand new Temperance Brewery.
    Clustered around the corners of Wesley/Greenleaf and Florence/Crain, this “Art Hop” is the second collaborative event of its kind in Evanston’s West Village neighborhood. The first Art Hop on June 8, attracted approximately 150 people to this unique neighborhood, where storefront galleries and offices sit side by side with residential homes. Over the last few years, this neighborhood—which has been often referred to as “Artists Row” —has been gaining momentum and attracting new businesses, and has gained visibility as a bustling arts community.
    Participants for this fall Art Hop include: Artist Seeds, Ausrine's Arts Room, Evanston Aikido Center, Evanston Print and Paper Shop, Harvey Art & Antiques, Innovative Design & Graphics, Jazz Play Studio, King George Studio & Gallery , Mill Creek Miniatures , North Shore Yoga, Perla Café, Serious Play Poetry Workshop, Space 900, and Yadi Art.