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Judith Roston Freilich has been working in Chicago since the early 1970s. At that time Alan Artner wrote, '[Freilich's]...pieces evoke an other-worldly atmosphere in which blobs become prophetic and rainbows commonplace. Their colors are faintly metallic; their shapes, interlocked and tension-producing or amorphous.' The same organic images, with unique personalities and relationships, continue to evolve in her recent paintings and installation.. This new work continues to be cyclical and organic evolving not only from nature but from life's experiences. The forms have distinct characteristics, appearing to live in infinite space and time with conscious thought given to the relationship between the images. The paintings and installation reflect the images unique motion, rhythm, and potential for change. Their relationship to each other is peaceful and their reactions are spontaneous, free and often whimsical.

Media is important in conveying the personalities of the images. The work is on paper with acrylic,oil pastels, graphite, colored pencil and pastels because they allow me to work spontaneously as though one can actually feel the images. The pod-like forms in the installation begin with cotton batting that is stuffed until bursting. They're coated with plastic and lined with plaster resulting in stretching, bursting and pulling. The organic bursting, tension and fullness is a sensation in the history of each form. Still other forms are worked with silk, embroidery floss and beads.

Ms. Freilich is a graduate of the Washington University School of Fine Arts in St. Louis. She received a master's degree in printmaking under Misch Kohn at the Illinois Institute of Technology, and she has studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. Ms. Freilich is in the permanent collections of the Library of Congress, the First National Bank of Chicago, and Southern Illinois University. Her work is published in Soft Sculpture and Other Soft Art Form by Donna Z. Meilach and in The Chicago Art Scene. Ms. Freilich has had solo shows at the Illinois Arts Council, Ohio State University, The Ann Brierly Gallery, The Rena Sternberg Gallery. Ms. Freilich's work has been shown at the Art Institute of Chicago; Deson-Zaks Gallery; Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts; Butler Institute of American Art, Ohio; Hunterdon Art Center, New Jersey;and Barat College, The Evanston Art Center, Highland Park Art Center and Lubeznik Art Center. She has been represented by Deson Zaks and The Rena Sternberg Gallery.

Ms. Freilich was previously curator of prints at Landfall Press. She has taught drawing and workshops focusing on the creative process, and has been commissioned to design Judaica.